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Easy and Secure Payment

Payment Methods

The price you pay at checkout is the total price you will be billed with no extra charges added. SEXTOYmart accepts debit and credit cards.
These payments will be processed using PayPal.
Your debit or credit card statement will display a charge to 'Stm Trading'.



Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer

Bank Account Detail: 
Account Number: 01-0277-0780687-00
Account Name: STM Trading
Bank Name: ANZ Bank

As the name suggests, a customer deposits the order total in a bank branch. All deposits or bank transfers should be accompanied by the "Order no." as the Reference and additionally (if possible), purchaser's Last Name. Otherwise, the payment can not be acknowledged and products will not be sent. In such situations you must send us e-mail with your order details.

Payment for Internet banking/Direct deposit orders must be made within 5 working days. If payment is not made within this time the order will be cancelled and will need to be placed again.

Payments made by direct credit or internet banking are processed overnight by the bank if payment is made before 8pm.  Payments made after 8pm are processed the following night, for example if you make a payment on Wednesday night at 9.30pm your payment will be processed Thursday night and show in our account on Friday morning.  Payments made on a Sat, Sun and Mon are all processed Monday night and show in our account on Tuesday.  Stat holidays are processed the next business day.

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